About Us

Who are we?

Formerly known as the Boys and Girls of Perris (BGCP), the organization was established in 2013 as an independent non-profit entity.  In December 2017, the organization separated from the national chartering organization Boys & Girls Club of America and change its name to the Youth and Family Wellness Center.  TYFWC, is in the process of changing its business name and marketing materials, including its website and social media accounts.  However, TYFWC's resolve to offer the community effective programs and services is unwavered by this change.  TYFWC, continues to operate a youth center and provide services to the community, including local schools where children need us most.  We've changed operations and expanded our service offering to include not only youth members but their family members too.  In 2018, we will be working on expanding a Wellness Center to serve additional community members.   

The idea of forming a local non-profit to serve our community grew out of a grass-root effort by community members when they teamed up to “clean-up” the local elementary school, park and surrounding community.  Since then, more team have enlisted to volunteer and better their community, including youth volunteers and local City Council members.   TYFWC continues to be an independent non-profit entity.  The organization has an independent governing Board that volunteers to better its community.  If you are interested in helping up with our Mission, please contact us or donate.  Your donation is tax-deductible. 


Our Mission is to “provide public benefit to the children and families of the Perris Valley Communities” through programs that will enable youth to engage in positive behaviors, develop good character, nurture their own well–being and set personal goals that will allow for them to live successfully as self-sufficient adults.


TYFWC envisions building a wellness center where youth and families have positive experiences; where they can participate in educational, recreational, and social activities.  Trained staff help members to:

  • Develop self-esteem
  • Develop positive attitude
  • Discover their needs
  • Nurture their talent
  • Broaden their viewpoints
  • Value diversity
  • Set goals
  • Get educated
  • Play sports
  • Have fun!


  1. Offer a  wellness center where everyone is safe
  2. Offer youth and family services
  3. Create positive experiences for all, including the external community
  4. Better our community

How do we plan to serve you?

First, we plan to strengthen partnerships with Businesses, Community and Faith Based Organizations, Civic Leaders and their Organizations, Higher-Learning Institutions and Volunteers to build a coalition of supporters to help us reach our Goals.  Second, we will focus on creating programs and offering services to our members.  We plan to build a wellness center where we provide youth services, homework assistance, reading-time, sport and art activities, youth and parent workshops, referrals to FREE and low-cost services, job-training and leadership development.  Third, we will offer service through caring and trained staff, including Master Level Social Work interns from local universities.  Lastly, we will set goals, measure our success and report our accomplishments to the public.

On-Going Programs

  • At our youth center and schools, the youth members participate in academic support, enrichment and mentorship programs.  Youth members also participate in community events related to education, wellness, healthy-lifestyle, job-training and other social events.

On-Going Programs

At youth center we offer: 

  • Homework assistance and enrichment activities,
  • Mentorship and competition Dance Team
  • Parent center with referral information about FREE and low-cost services

At local schools we offer: 

  • Enrichment activities and mentorship programs,
  • Parent centers with referral information about FREE and low-cost services

Our Target Population is the 35,800 School Age Youth Enrolled in K-12 schools.  (2010 Census Figure).  

Please contact us if you have any questions. 


City of Perris Youth Population

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